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Well we were under staffed today...good thing we didn't have a lot of kids and the little babies came after the older kid left..

plus I had to change a shit filled nappy and I'm not very happy D;

New Job needed


OMG Target is like the loliable super store. I found so much crap there it was like wow. I saw a tote there with ice creams on it. I wish i had my camera with me.

But I like how they had all that stuff but no tights that were NOT footless >_>; i was a little mad cause that is what i went for originally

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Lol my ass was asleep with the spanish channel on my TV and I wake up to the first Opening Song of Blood Plus playing. I was like WTF woke up and the spanish channel was playing it with a slide show of various children cartoons O.o;;..oh spanish channel lol
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Just incase some of you are interested Turner Classic Movies is playing the film version of Vladimir Nabokov's book Lolita at this moment


10 things I like that start with the letter "Y" from amanikitty

1. Yaoi (lets start this out with boy p0rn :D)
2. Yarn
3. Yellow Power Ranger (SABER TOOTH TIGER!!!)
4. YA!!!! (they say that a lot in Korean Dramas >_>;;)
5. Yogurt
6. Yellow Cheese
7. miYavi (I don't know anymore D:)
8. Yachts (8D)
9. Yearning for money
10. Yelling at Dumb asses

lol that was hard X.x;;
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I went to go see the animated foreign Indie film Persepolis today.

Persepolis is about the life of an Iranian girl ,Marjane Satrapi, who grew up during the revolution and the war between Iran and Iraq. It was really enjoyable cause there was only one other person in the theater besides me. I wasn't surprised since it is a Thursday afternoon and today was the last day for it to be shown. I didn't even know about the film till i heard it was nominated for a Spirit Award and an Oscar. It was so good I was surprised it didnt win :/..since the movie was based off of Marjane Satrapi's graphic novels I will be buying them and the Soundtrack. It really was an inspirational movie..I think I need to make some changes in my life...
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That little dumb kid pissed me off >x (

Im not friends locking this..dont care if she wanders here from Gaia

I was REALLY trying to be nice to the little ass but she got to me >_>

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I really wanted to say more but I was afraid I was going to cuss her out lol..nothing that pisses me off more than a smart ass brat >_>..well she'll see sooner than later

Edit: lol she replied again

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This is why I stay off Gaia..

Its full of 13 years old telling everyone their business


the part that really got me was shes 13 and wants to marry a guy over the internet that SHES NEVER MET!!! wtf girl...being the nosy bored girl I am i Pmed her asking her to maybe think about it more and that i know it seems like love but it may not be ( i was being very gentle and mostly talked about my life experience) ..well her reply to me was mostly IM MOAR MATURE THAN YOU and HES DAMAGED GOODS AND CANT LIVE WITHOUT ME AND I HIM!!!
No I didnt get bitchy with her..shes 13 so i just told her to go get some help and ended with that...but jesus christ on a cracker this is why so many kids get kidnapped >_>

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