Senjo (mikachanyo) wrote,

I'm not the maid!!! xD

I just had the most unusual phone conversation with our Insurance adjuster’s HUSBAND!!.


Me: Hello?

Him: Mrs. Blah?

Me: No, I’m not her (I don’t like to tell people who I am because it just seems weird to tell a stranger your name)

Him: can you take a message for me or can I talk to her

Me: hold on I have to get a pen to write down the message please hold *gets pen* okay

Him: Alright please tell her that my wife got reassigned to a flood case and will not be able to make it Thursday. A new adjuster will call soon.

Me: so will the appointment still be on Thursday?

Him: no we can’t schedule an appointment for another person so you will have to reschedule it. I’m sure he will make it for this week though..who is this BTW?

Me: I’m her daughter

Him: oh good I just wanted to make sure I wasn’t talking to THE MAID or something and that she would actually get the message

Me: haha >_>;; okay I’ll make sure she gets the message

Him: okay then Thank you for your time

Me: thank you, good bye


The effing MAID?? xDDD My mom wishes she could afford a maid.

This is one of those things where your like O.o;; at the moment than your like xDDD afterwards. I can't stop laughing now.

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