I'm not the maid!!! xD

I just had the most unusual phone conversation with our Insurance adjuster’s HUSBAND!!.


Me: Hello?

Him: Mrs. Blah?

Me: No, I’m not her (I don’t like to tell people who I am because it just seems weird to tell a stranger your name)

Him: can you take a message for me or can I talk to her

Me: hold on I have to get a pen to write down the message please hold *gets pen* okay

Him: Alright please tell her that my wife got reassigned to a flood case and will not be able to make it Thursday. A new adjuster will call soon.

Me: so will the appointment still be on Thursday?

Him: no we can’t schedule an appointment for another person so you will have to reschedule it. I’m sure he will make it for this week though..who is this BTW?

Me: I’m her daughter

Him: oh good I just wanted to make sure I wasn’t talking to THE MAID or something and that she would actually get the message

Me: haha >_>;; okay I’ll make sure she gets the message

Him: okay then Thank you for your time

Me: thank you, good bye


The effing MAID?? xDDD My mom wishes she could afford a maid.

This is one of those things where your like O.o;; at the moment than your like xDDD afterwards. I can't stop laughing now.

Anderson Cooper ROCKS

You probably don't care but w/e xD

The most sexy Ande Cooper talked shit about the herpes infested show Living Lohan on Reggis and Kelly apparently. He pretty much said they shouldn’t be prostituting their younger daughter out and they got pissed because it is true.

Article here

Well the Corn of the crop quote was made by Michael Lohan who is pretty much as good as a father as syphilis is good for your health. He came out of the wood works probably to make money for his alcohol and says

I think Anderson Cooper is an opinionated, hypocritical idiot who should be an adult and keep his opinion to himself," Michael told Access. "He is the last person to judge anyone, when he and his own family have their own issues

Oh no the mother fucker didn't go there with my Anderson. Anderson's brother killed himself because of depression after their father died.


His family problems are NOTHING compared to this seething cesspool of a family. Lets count the many ways their family is complete shit.
1. The father is a known alcoholic who will do anything for a buck even prostitute out his daughters
2. Their daughter Lindsay is also a known alcoholic and drug addict since a very young age and was pretty much allowed to do whatever she wanted to with out parental supervision. Plus in my opinion has the talent of a gerbil and likes giving people crouch shots.
3. The mother who is pretty much one of the worst. She allowed her daughter to continue acting like a scab so she could be "friends" with her. She is disillusioned, an idiot, and pretty much has only air between her ears.

And so on.....

 These “people” got no room to be talking shit about ANYONE especially a guy who is respected and actually does some good for the world and not polluting the earth with his existence like the Lohan’s do. Some one please tell these people to GTFO!

The Dark Knight

I went to go see the midnight premiere with the Houston Lolis last night and it was awesome.  The girls were awesome (everyone one really cool and funny as hell), the food was awesome, and the movie kicked major ass!! <333333333

I didn't get home until 4am and didn't get to bed till almost 5am. I slept a little but not much because I was all wired up from the movie (it was that goood)

Last night was complete fun..

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Walker Texas Ranger!!

In the eyes of a ranger,
The unsuspected stranger
Had better know the truth of wrong from right,
Cuz the eyes of a ranger are upon you,
Any wrong you do he's gonna see,
When youre in Texas look behind you,
Cuz that's where the rangers are gonna be

This show was the shit when I was a kid and I LOVE the song.  Its bad ass xD
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Why Gaia is full of tards...again

Well it seems like some tard is trying to hack my account on gaia lol. I keep getting those "failed to log in 5 times so we're locking your account for 15 mins" e-mails. In fact I got one today. It has been happening for at least a week.

I contacted Gaia and they were like "Well it might be some one who accidentally misspelled their user name" Bull shit.

I have a clue who I think it might be but I really don't care. Keep trying gaiafag. This just proves how much of a loser you really are ^^

P.s. Elgay needs a new spellchecker. This one is soo retarded like it was made when the Internet first came into being.
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